Monster of Lake Tota

Legends of water-dwelling beasts seem never-ending. One such aquatic monster found in the legends is the Diablo Ballena which means “Devil whale”. It is more commonly known as Monster of Lake Tota named after Lake Tota. Lake Tota is the… Continue reading Monster of Lake Tota

The Headless Trunko

The water with its vastness, immeasurable depth, and cavernous nature support the existence of innumerable mythical beings that have been sighted over many time periods. There is a myth that came into being with a globster that was reportedly sighted… Continue reading The Headless Trunko

The Mothman Mystery

Various regions of the world have their folklore of monstrous entities considered indigenous to those regions. One such folklore comes from West Virginia, America. West Virginia, many times had been considered as “almost heaven”. The Virginian folklore tells of a… Continue reading The Mothman Mystery