The cunning Gippsland Phantom cat

| 31. July 2020 |

We know cats like small, furry, and loveable creatures. They can cheer us up by purring around and curling up in a ball. But what if cats had another type that wasn’t this small and loveable? We’re not talking about the regular feral cats found in the wild, but the Phantom cat which is a feline cryptid with many myths accompanied. Big cats are always an attraction for the daring hearts but a mythological big cat? That has got to be a jackpot for cat lovers.

The Gippsland Phantom cat has been sighted about a hundred times in the south-eastern Victoria region, Australia. Since 1970, rumors have been spreading about this big cat among other wild cats which made it undoubtedly possible for these creatures to be roaming around. Among the English, this feline has been named as the frightening Beast of Exmoor. This cat gives mere terror to the sight of its victims. According to a farmer’s report, his sheep were killed dreadfully with their throats ripped out.

This cat-like beast is reported to have a long 26-inch tail, and is either black or dark grey. There is also gossip about the Phantom cat jumping up to 2 meters off the ground. Walking like the same strutting gait like a domestic cat, this felid beast is photographed on several occasions, where one can see a massive cat resembling both jaguars and panthers. Another sighting in June 2005 was stated by a deer hunter, Kurt Engel. He claimed to have shot the animal down, photographed it, and dumped it in the river after cutting its extremely long tail. DNA testing determined that this creature was most likely a feral cat. Exotic cats have always been an intriguing sight whenever witnessed and reported by people.

Among several stories and theories, one hypothesis is that the Phantom cat is a hybrid specie of a black panther, which is a melanocytic big cat, and another feline.  Many other legends tell us how the Beast of Exmoor is a supernatural creature who has the ability to get away from captors. Another theory suggests that this big cat has the quality of bouncing through different dimensions, and belongs to a parallel world. No wonder it isn’t captured to this day despite many attempts by the British Army.

One is bound to believe in its existence because of the higher than usual sightings and stories.