Igopogo of Lake Simcoe

| 31. July 2020 |

The list of lake monsters is endless. Another mythical being that is not famous enough and is rarely sighted, is the Igopogo of Lake Simcoe. It is called Igopogo in Huron First Nation folklore and is described as a colossal extended neck snake that swims to the top of the lake on silent nights filled with moonlight. Its name is similar to Ogopogo of Lake Okanagan and Manipogo of Lake Manitoba.

It is known to have a canine-like head similar to a dog and stove-pipe neck. The mammalian characteristic refutes its relation to Loch Ness type creatures and categorizes it in the family of aquatic canines called Irish crocodiles or Dobar chu.

There has been a record of sightings from the times of aboriginals. The earliest European report was made in 1963. The spectators recounted having seen a serpentine-like creature that had a charcoal covered epidermis and many dorsal fins. A man while fishing saw the monster and claimed it was the most hideous thing he had ever laid eyes upon.  In 1979, three women sighted the Igopogo while driving along the shore and described it as a “big hump” in the lake. They were mesmerized by the creature. On accounts of witnesses, the creature was sighted several times sprawling in the sunlight for long periods giving it the ability to breathe in the air.

There is found a black and white photograph of the Igopogo on the internet in which two children watch it from afar with no hint of terror. Even though uncharacteristic the image still serves as vague evidence of the Igopogo existence. In 1980 a sonar operator took sonar readings which revealed a similar creature in the depths of the lake.

The sightings have been exceptionally rare and stopped for such a long period that it was assumed that the monster died or migrated until in March 1990 it was sighted again. A man while repairing his hydroplane caught sight of a massive creature emerging from the waters. It startled him and the landlocked crowd to the core. The monster stared the man in the eyes for a long time until finally submerging in the lake.

With indefinite facts and sightings, the scientists reject the existence of Igopogo like so many other mythical creatures but the locals and the tribe continue to hold form belief in its existence.