Morag: Mermaid or Grim Reaper?

| 31. July 2020 |

The chasmic Lake Morar present in Scotland is known to be home to a peculiar loch monster called The Morag. The legends of Morag continued to stay latent for a long time until recently when scholars at the University of Edinburgh uncovered the records of Morag which date back to 1902. Alexander Carmichael was a famous figurehead in folkloristic, who lived about a hundred years ago. He went about for a couple of days collecting stories about the Morag. He did not see the Morag but documented the stories narrated by the locals.

In the accounts, there are contrasting views. In one record, the Morag is said to be a mermaid-like creature with lengthy lustrous cascading hair and another depicts it to be a grim reaper, a harbinger of death. Morag was infamous for being sighted before death or drowning. The Morag is one of the most talked and written about legends in Scotland.

The last accounts of Alexander describe the Morag as a mermaid. Its lower half is that of a salmon and upper half is of a woman with fully grown breast and yellow shiny hair flowing in waves on her milky back and front. She is described to be extraordinarily pretty and enigmatic. As a timid and shy water deity, it stays away from humans and only surfaces when death calls.

Whenever the Morag was sighted, a wave of fright and apprehension went through the locals robbing them of sleep. The Morag has been sighted by many locals and is said to materialize in a black mass moving about the lake

In 1968, a Scottish barman claimed to have seen the Morag while fishing in the lake. He supported his statement until his death. He described it as a being with a snake-like head and no definable traits; no eyes, mouth, or anything. It was jet black in tone, paddling in the lake.

A claim was made by two friends Duncan McDonell and William Simpson where the monster attacked them when they fortuitously smacked the monster with their boat. In defense, the two men battled the monster with an oar and opened fire at him with their rifle. It was pictured as a brown, 30 feet long monster with bumpy skin and few dorsal humps on its back. Its head was a foot wide.

The Morag real or not real continues to stay a famous Scotland monster.