The Mothman Mystery

| 31. July 2020 |

Various regions of the world have their folklore of monstrous entities considered indigenous to those regions. One such folklore comes from West Virginia, America. West Virginia, many times had been considered as “almost heaven”. The Virginian folklore tells of a humanoid creature called the Mothman that resides amidst this heaven.

The first sighting of the Mothman dates back to 1966 where 5 grave diggers claimed to have caught sight of a human figure with wings that glided fairly low above their heads and disappeared in the thick expanse of the forest ahead.

The same year two married couples while driving on the outskirts of West Virginia had a chance encounter with a man-sized bird standing in the middle of the road. They described the figure as a man who was about 6 to 7 feet tall and had a wingspan of 10 feet. It had red flashy eyes reflected by the headlight, the figure immediately trotted away possibly intimidated by the lights. They fearfully narrated how that creature after a while appeared again and followed their car, unable to be dodged even with a speed of 100 miles/hour. 


The collapse of silver Bridge: Culprit or well-wisher? 

In Later years similar sightings were reported by the locals. The creature was bizarre enough to be inexplicable yet the locals believed in its existence. In 1967 the collapse of the Silver Bridge caused the death of 46 people. Some held the creature responsible for the mayhem while some considered Mothman as a red alarm of the catastrophe. Whatever the reason, Mothman earned much popularity after that.

In 2002, Mothman was labeled as the local legacy of the town through an annual Mothman festival which later became a norm of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. In 2003, a metallic statue of the Mothman sculpted by Bob Roach was uncovered in the town. The Mothman Museum and Research Center was inaugurated in 2005. 

Mothman has become famous to such an extent that a petition was started this year to replace all the confederate statues in the United States by the Mothman. In just one month the petition was signed by 2000 people. Unlike other mythical monsters that instill fear in the locals and the world, to the locals of West Virginia, Mothman is a hero, a symbol of bravery. It is America’s first urban legend which took an official position against racism. Mothman is more of a superhero than a monster.