Gone Without a Trace – The Mystery of Friar, New Hampshire

| 11. January 2021 |

The world has come to see many mysteries come and go without any logical explanations to them. Most of the unexplainable mysteries involve disappearances of people into thin air not to be found. Some have answers, as there are kidnappings. But when we come to the cases where the people are not found, where exactly do they go to? How do they disappear from the face of the earth without leaving any traces, only for their remains to be retrieved? These are some of the unexplainable and answerable questions to expect regarding mysteries surrounding people’s disappearance. That even the highly trained mystery solvers cannot get around and solve.

One of such mysteries that puzzles many is the mystery of Friar, New Hampshire. It is said that in 1940 a whole Town of more than 500 people abandoned their homes, leaving everything they had, and walked north into the forest where they vanished without a trace. The pets and animals were left tied, and nothing seemed to explain why they took off and where they went. Everything is a mystery. Only a fraction of about 300 was found dead due to the harsh climatic conditions in the woods, and others died from shocking and unexplainable acts of violence. And the remaining around 200 people or more were never found, lost from the face of the earth. Only one person was found alive, and he could not tell what happened and where they had disappeared to.

Many questions are surrounding this mystery. Like how could more than 500 people vanish from one town vanish at once without the other surrounding towns noticing? Were they isolated? What caused the violence which led to the deaths of some of the recovered town people? And most importantly, where did the remaining 200 people disappear to never to be found, even their remains. When you ask yourself some of these questions, you just start to wonder if some other unnatural forces are at work in the world since there are no other explanations that make sense of the mystery.


What Explanations Can Be Given?

Without a clear explanation of how a whole town of people disappears without being noticed, one can’t help but start to wonder if the other supernatural forces were at play during the disappearance. Maybe the woods were haunted or had an evil spirit like how it’s depicted in the movie YellowBrickRoad. Also, it may be because of witchcraft, voodooism, psychic phenomena, and spiritualism. Maybe they never came out of the woods because the forest could not allow them to, or there was no clear way of moving through the forest. And those who died violently were because the woods were affecting them, making them violent. Well, that is just one theory that believers of odd occurrences and mystery lovers might take to be the answer explaining the vanishing of the people from Friar town.

In another town that was deserted, the story behind the people moving is that they were running away from a curse that had been placed on the town forcing the people to flee for their lives. The supernatural acts seem to make sense in these kinds of situations. And since it was in the 1940s, those things maybe they were believable and could be the cause for the mysterious disappearance of a whole town of people into the woods.

The people’s disappearance may be odd, but there may be a logical explanation of how the others died violently and the rest who were found. Maybe they were attacked by predatory animals in the forest, explaining the violent deaths and the others; maybe they died from hunger and starvation and even froze to death as they had not carried anything when getting out of their town. But the biggest mystery is where did the rest of the people go to? Since there were no identifiable remains or anything to show they existed, the mystery can’t be explained logically.

With these kinds of mysteries and disappearances, one might start to think that aliens have been abducting people, evil spirits, voodooism, witchcraft, and curses cause unexplainable mysteries or other supernatural powers are at play. To this day no logical explanation has been given on the mystery of Friar, New Hampshire, making it one of the strangest mysteries never to be solved.


    1. Not on Google maps (with T.H.)? Maybe it was erased from the books portmortem or it was all an elaborated hoax.

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