Nimerigar: Pygmies of North America

| 31. July 2020 |

Some regions in the world have legends about peculiar races that are nowhere to be found in the modern era. One such legend comes from the Native Americans of various regions where they firmly believe in a race of small people more popularly known as “little people”.

The Wyoming Shoshone tribe had the name “Nimerigar” for the little people which mean “people eaters”. They were deemed as tales of small laugh and fun until in Wyoming few traces and remnants of the little people started to be discovered over time. In 1932 two miners while in search of gold stumbled upon a mummy in the San Pedro Mountains. They claimed it to be the mummy of a very small person, thus proving the existence of little people. Nonetheless, later the archeologists concluded the mummy to be an anencephalic infant.

Considered to be inhabitants of Wind River and Pedro ranges of Wyoming, Nimerigar was considered to be a ferocious tribal race that was archers and used bows with toxic arrows. Some natives believe them to be spirits and healers or mythical beings like pixies and leprechauns.

The tiny race of people, hardly three feet tall, was considered hostile to humans and exceptionally aggressive. It was believed that they murdered their kind with a strong strike to the head if they failed to be a participating member of their community due to sickness and ill-health. All they cared about was the resourcefulness of the individuals.

Historical accounts from the missionary Zeisberger dating from 1778 give pieces of evidence of the existence of Nimerigar or quite possibly some other tiny people race of North America. In his accounts, Zeisberger wrote of a burial ground in Ohio. The cemetery had remnants of numerous pygmy people approximately 3 feet tall. The direction of all the graves towards the west made him conclude that those pygmies were sun-worshippers. However, the burial grounds with time ceased to exist due to widespread farming and inhabitation of the land by humans. He also observed that those little people were quite intellectual and had a fair sense of craftsmanship. They could make pottery, they knew how to use a stone ax and they could divide their land into squares.

This legend could just be a tale of enjoyment, a legend, a fact, or even history. The existence of little people is still not proven but their stories have been enticing the world.