Pedro of Wyoming: Infant or a pygmy?

| 31. July 2020 |

We have been hearing myths of ghouls, monsters, vampires, and mummies but seldom have we ever come across a myth which talks about an infant mummy. One such myth about a mummified creature came into existence in the year 1936 when two miners in their quest for gold came across a small cave. In the San Pedro Mountains, the miners were digging along the traces of a gold seam that disappeared into a rock face at one point. After blasting the rock they found themselves standing in a cave 4 feet tall, 4 feet wide and about 15 feet deep. It was there in that room that they found a small mummy of 14 inches height sitting cross-legged, with arms resting on the torso. It was mummified by the natural climate of Wyoming.

Those miners carried the figure from the cave to the town of Casper where while on display in the drug store, the small mummy was brought into limelight and the drug owner earned fat money. It was later handed down to various businessmen who exploited the mummy for their benefit and kept it on display until in the 1950s, the last owner lost Pedro to a New York con artist and after that, the mummy was never discovered. According to Casper tribune, Prize money of $10,000 was announced for the person who obtains the lost mummy.

The bewildering and inexplicable thing was its appearance, something that hindered the tracing of its origin. The mummy was infant-like, perfectly preserved even down to its fingernails. There was a gelatinous material on its head; its nose and skull were flattened with a full set of teeth. Its eyes were heavily bulging and mouth tightly thin-lipped.

The X-ray examination of the mummy however proved it to be an anencephalic infant with the appearance of an adult. In other words, the mummy had suffered from a rare congenital disease in its lifetime. It was found to be around 1700 years old.

With its feature in a newspaper in 1979, arguments ensued over its true essence of whether it was an infant, a deception, or someone from the tribe of little people. Some people considered it to be one of the little People of American Indian lore and some considered it to be a pygmy. To this date, the origin of the mummy is still debatable.