Strange Disappearances: Are There Strange Forces Causing Them?

| 11. January 2021 |

Every year, we hear about disappearances and missing persons, and it has become a common sight in the news. Most of the disappearing’s and missing people cases are related to the human traffickers or any other kidnapping. But one of the most puzzling cases is the disappearing of a considerable number of people from national parks and camping sites. What makes these cases of missing persons baffling is how similar they are and occur in mysterious and unnatural ways with no clear explanations about how the disappearance took place. Author David Paulides documented all the stories about the unsolved missing persons’ cases in and around national parks in the series of books known as the missing411.

Many questions can be asked about the cold cases of missing persons in the national parks and forests, but there seem to be no logical answers that can explain them. David Paulides in the books gives an investigation about the cases but does not seem to come to a conclusion or even point out at who or what might be the cause of the disappearances, leaving many enthusiasts with their own conclusions on the cases.


Do the national parks have data of the persons that go missing in their parks?

According to David Paulides, it was challenging to obtain the number and names of the persons who go missing in the parks. The forest services don’t have any records and don’t keep lists of the people who go missing, which can be very strange from their side. He claimed they were very reluctant to give him the information he wanted and required him to pay a sum of 1.4 million, which is an insane amount. This leaves us wondering and asking questions. Are they hiding something? Do they know something about the disappearances? What makes things even stranger is that the search and rescue operations they conduct usually end after a week or two without finding the missing person and with no clear explanations.


What makes these cases of missing persons strange?

In the park disappearance stories, it seems that the people who go missing disappear without a trace or prints to pinpoint the direction they might have taken. It just seems like they vanish into thin air, making people think there might be another unnatural force at play since nobody disappears into thin air without leaving a clue of where he or she has gone to. In an interview with Iheart Radio, David Paulides states that the dogs used could not pick up any scent in some of the search and rescue operations. It seems like the missing person disappear as if they never stepped a foot in the park, yet they were seen and were with family or friend minutes before disappearing.

In the many cases of disappearances, most of them were children who could not move far from their parents in such a short time, but they end up disappearing never to be seen again. And if they are found, they can’t remember where they went to and even can’t tell what happened. It is like the victim’s mind freezes or is wiped. In other cases, they are found in places far away from the point of disappearance. An example of a strange occurrence is where a toddler was found 12 miles from the point of disappearance.

This journey would take the toddler through two mountain ranges, fences and creeks, which would be impossible. There could be other logical explanations like kidnappings, but why would the kidnapper leave the child in the middle of nowhere without a trace or tracks. Such occurrences are very abnormal and just adds to the questions in our heads.

Another strange occurrence is that the people who disappeared by chance if they are found, they could be found either remains or alive in places where the search has already been done. In some cases, the rescuers only find clothes without any tear, which indicates that it is not an animal attack.


Is there a connection between the disappearances and the environment?

Most of the missing persons in parks and forests seem to vanish near water bodies. This does not create a valid point, but it seems there is a connection. There seem to be little, or even no disappearances in places where there are no water bodies, be it rivers or lakes. Could there be a group of abductors waiting in water bodies to take people, or is there a supernatural explanation to the disappearances near water bodies? Nothing makes sense with these cold cases of missing persons.


Is there a subgroup in the general population that vanishes at a higher rate in the parks and forests?

David Paulides mentions in an interview with Iheart Radio that in his research and talking to the people whose family members are missing realized that those who go missing have particular disabilities like dementia or autism and even people with unparalleled intellectual capabilities like physicists. This raises so many questions when we talk about the missing 411 conspiracy.

With many people going missing in strange and unexplainable circumstances, we can help but think other forces cause them, especially in parks and forests. Most people will say it’s the bigfoot abducting people; others say it is aliens and scientists will say it’s a portal that takes people to other dimensions. But we all can agree that the cold cases of missing persons from national parks and forests are not normal and there is a bigger element at play.

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