The Enigmatic Naheulito

| 31. July 2020 |

An enigmatic monster is said to be found in the Lake of Nahuel Huapi Lake, Patagonia, Argentina.  Like so many other monsters it is given the name by its location. The Naheulito or Argentina Champ is described as a giant serpent and even a plesiosaur.

Legends of aboriginals are to be found where they talked of an aquatic animal that gamboled in the waters of Nahuel Huapi. Previously considered to be a fiction and false disbelief of the natives, the stories of the monster piqued attention and curiosity of many after an article was published in the Toronto Globe in 1922. The article recounted the experience of George Garret who was the manager of a company that sailed the waters for business. In 1910, he happened to catch sight of a bizarre monstrosity in the water. It was 15 to 20 feet in diameter with at least 6 feet of its body projecting out of the water. It continued to swim around in the lake for fifteen minutes and after that disappeared. The article triggered the press coverage of the monster. Since then Buenos Aires Zoo has been assiduously working to collect evidence of the existence of the Argentina Champ but to no avail.

The veracity of the tale has been challenged many times over the years with many hypotheses devised both in favor and against the existence of the monster. The most popular and accepted hypothesis is of Naheulito being a prehistoric animal. The second hypothesis tells it to be a mutated being that was a result of the nuclear experiments carried out on Huemul Island. In another hypothesis, the Nahuelito is said to be a submarine pursued by the Argentinean Navy.

In 2006 an anonymous photographer sent two photographs to the local newspaper with a note saying it was neither a tree trunk nor a wave but a creature with a real face that he had seen. Thus, refuting the hypotheses that were going around about the creature. Later, both the pictures were proven to be a hoax, a result of thorough editing.

The Nahelito bagged further popularity after its feature in the TV series Destination Truth, a show where peculiar creatures are investigated through high tech gears and equipment. Some say it’s a marketing strategy while some say it’s a case of mistaken identity, the Naheulito continues to stay a dilemma for the world with its existence still highly debatable and controversial.