The Headless Trunko

| 31. July 2020 |

The water with its vastness, immeasurable depth, and cavernous nature support the existence of innumerable mythical beings that have been sighted over many time periods. There is a myth that came into being with a globster that was reportedly sighted on the shores of Margate in the year 1924. The globster got the nickname ‘trunko’ by the cryptozoologist Karl Shuker in his book “The Unexplained” due to its quality of being headless as the trunk was said to be affixed straight to the torso.

An article in the Pennsylvanian newspaper once reported that a peculiar being was sighted tussling two killer whales for hours in the waters. It struck the whale’s time and again with its tail. Later, it washed up on the shore fairly exhausted and laid there for days that followed. Eventually, it succeeded in finding its way back into the water and swam away never to be seen again. Other accounts say that the creature was dead and its carcass lied on the shore for 10 days. Even then none of the scientists or zoologists took the pains of examining the creature so no authentic details are to be found. A witness who then happened to catch sight of the monstrosity told the reporters that it was a colossal polar bear because of its pristine white fur. Remarking on the few photos that were then taken, paleontologist Darren Naish concluded it to be a globster that was a decaying out of shape mass of a whale.

By unidentifiable witnesses, it is described as a creature with untainted white fur, a mammoth trunk, a lobster-like tail, and a carcass without blood. It said to be 47 feet in length, 10 feet wide and 5 feet high. The trunks’ length is measured to be 5 feet with a diameter of 14 inches. The fur is recorded to be extraordinarily thick and long with a length of 8 inches.

In recent years, talks of Trunko have once again sprung up with the washing up of weird carcasses on the shores of the Philippines owing to the earthquakes. The locals are terrified by the blood-drenched carcasses and various speculations about their essence and reasons for their death are in the air. Some reports have said that the carcasses belong to sea cows.

Even with unexplained identity and questionable existence trunko has made it to the list of myths and folklore in which many believe.