The Kraken, a dreading sea monster

| 31. July 2020 |

“Release the Kraken!” This has to be the most horrifying and probably the last sentence anyone ought to hear. There is a reason why this terrible beast is so feared. It must be the humongous tentacles with spiked suckers that can rip someone’s face off. Or maybe its size so big it can devour the biggest of ships. No wonder the sailors of the great seas are always anxious and preparing themselves for an anticipated encounter with this marine beast.

The Kraken is a great Scandinavian legend.  It is known to terrorize tailors and locals living near the coasts of Norway and Greenland. The tales of the Kraken began as early as the 18th century when a number of sightings were discussed as a large octopus-like creature. The giant squid was also sometimes mistaken as this mythical beast, but these are mere words passing on through centuries. The Kraken is also called as the Crab-fish in some areas which has not only induced terror in humans but also other sea creatures. If you see many fish surfacing or being reeled in easily, it might be the Kraken scaring them away. 

But it is said that escaping the clutches of the Kraken is near to impossible. This giant beast has a back circumference of half a mile. It surfaces on the water as if a piece of land has emerged in the middle of nowhere. The roars of the Kraken are alone to paralyze its prey and make the rest of the work easy for it. From the words of witnesses all these decades, the Kraken has more traits like the giant whale. These stories and myths were converted into many fiction novels and movies which further exacerbated the creature’s dangerous vibe.

Myth or no myth, we know better to steer clear from this horrifying creature. It is said that the Kraken is controlled by one who is the most powerful at sea. So any kind of feud with the strongest sea ruler means an agonizing death by the Kraken. It is said that even the breath of the beast reeks of corpses and all things evil. This stench and the mind-blowing sight of its mouth full of spikes, kills a person before being eaten.

We know little about the secrets held by the dark depths of the world’s oceans. These ambiguities along with the folktales regarding monsters like the Kraken, has made life dangerous yet exciting for sailors.