The Lanky Demon of Dover

| 31. July 2020 |

Most of the mythical creatures which were sighted by human race date back to pretty historic times.  A demon of Dover, Massachusetts called Dover demon owing to its locality was added to the list only half a century ago. 

On 21 April 1977, a mysterious creature with otherworldly and uncanny characteristics was sighted by a couple of teenage boys in a suburb of Massachusetts. While driving on the road of the suburb, three teenage friends stumbled upon a figure climbing on the rock. Initially mistaking it for a cat the realization of its eeriness dawned upon them within seconds. The same evening 15-year-old John Baxter claimed to have seen the creature on his way back from his girlfriend’s home. Mistaking it for a friend John followed after him. From a distance of 30 feet on the opposite bank, he finally stared down his enormous inhumane eyes while the air whooshed out of him from shock. He broke into a sprint in the opposite direction. The creature was never seen again.

The witnesses drew and described the creature as a lanky monkey with a watermelon-sized head. It had huge sockets for eyes that shone with radiant luminosity in the headlights. Its body was hairless and of sandpaper texture with a bright orange tone. There were no other visible features on its face. It had spindly fingers that supported the demon in climbing rocks and trees. It was hardly 4 feet tall. William Baxter even swore on the bible that he had witnessed such a creature. 

The descriptions made the alien enthusiasts believe it was an extraterrestrial being visiting earth. Some people suggested that the creature was nothing more than a mousse calf. While the police believed that the tales of Dover demon were hoaxes crafted by the teenagers. The Dover Demon has been featured in one of the episodes of America Horror Television series. It has also been a part of various comic book series.

Since there were just two sightings that too by teenage boys of the town, Dover demon of Dover does not appear to be a very captivating and credible myth of monsters. Howbeit, people believe what their hearts want them to believe. Even after lacking solid ground and plausible witnesses, many people choose to believe in the humanoid Dover demon and the myth continues to circulate and would indubitably stretch beyond these times.