The Scorched Carcass of Montauk

| 31. July 2020 |

The arena of unexplained mythical creatures is so enormous and spacious that even the carcasses of peculiar beings, whose origins are unable to be explained by the world, find their way on the list of myths and legends. It’s all in the head; the human race loves to accommodate the eerie and the unknown.

On July 29,2008, a story of an unidentifiable carcass of a mysterious monster took the internet by a hurricane after being featured in the Gawker with the heading “Dead Monster Washes ashore” and an interesting exalting subheading “Good luck with your Hell Demons” cautiously integrated to gauge the attention of the masses.

The monstrous carcass came to terrifying power in July 2008 after it was found washed ashore the Ditch Plains, a popular surfing beach on the Montauk peninsula. The initial claim about the sighting of the carcass came from three young women who were among the first few people to set their eyes upon the insanely battered and wounded carcass that appeared to be seared to the bones by the sun or a fire. The photos taken by Jenna Hewitt were first featured in the article with a hilarious headline “The Hound of Bonacville,” and later in the Gawker. With the curiosity peaked, various speculations made by the public and cryptozoologists alike strummed the air. Was it a turtle with no shell? Or was it a pit-bull, a result of a dogfighting washout? Or was it a mutant experiment of an Animal Disease Center nearby? Or was it a raccoon without an upper jaw? Almost every speculation was annulled due to disparities. By the time the mass media and the scientists rushed to solve the mystery of the monster and to satiate their curiosity, the carcass had mysteriously disappeared. The local newspaper published the interview of an anonymous resident who claimed that the carcass was the size of a cat and had decomposed to a skeleton. She refused to identify the location of the carcass and stated that a guy had kept it in his backyard.

It was Snopes, a fact-checking website that gave the stature of an urban legend to the Montauk Monster.

Most of the people who have seen the photos of Montauk Monster believe that the creature existed. It was as real or as it could be. The only question that crosses the mind is what really was that thing?