Who or what killed Phil Schneider – the government or aliens?

| 11. January 2021 |
The story has been going around since 1947, that the US government has been secretly constructing underground military bases. It was in 1947 too, that the famous Roswell incident occurred in New Mexico. While some people think that this is pure coincidence, there are many others too, who believe that there is a connection between the two events. It’s the findings of government geological engineer, the late Phil Schneider, that convince many people that the two incidences are indeed interrelated.
Following is the story of what many believe, led to the bizarre fate of Phil Schneider.

Deep underground rock strata evaluations

As a government geological engineer, it was Phil’s job to go deep underground to evaluate the rock strata where proposed underground projects were to be carried out. He and his team were to check the layers of igneous and sedimentary rock, to establish which type of excavation should be used in the process. Phil had to advise construction teams as to which method should be used to move the rock – by certain explosives, melted with intense heat, or by means of the extremely powerful kinetic energy of remote explosive charges.

Prohibited information

Through these evaluations, Phil came to realize that the US government was hiding extremely controversial operations that involved secret installations deep underground. The more he became involved in these operations, the more convinced he became that something incredibly sinister was happening.

Peculiar partnership

Phil lived for years with the knowledge that the government was hiding something ominous and stated that he always had the feeling that there was something or someone else working with him and the other humans in his team. His men risked their lives every time they went deep underground to carry out operations. He knew somehow that it was not just the job that posed an extreme danger for his team, but also someone or something else, that was living down there, that was a danger to his men.

Unfortunately, it was only when he himself was lowered down by basket, into a firefight that occurred deep inside a pitch-black shaft. It was then that Phil realized that there was something extremely dangerous down there.


Strange injuries

When you attended one of Phil’s lectures, it was his sincerity and openness that immediately grabbed your attention. Not only that but also fascinating were the many life-threatening injuries that he had suffered during this project that took him into the depths of the earth, under the New Mexico desert. Although he described his injuries concisely, it was the one to his hand that most people found distressing, and convinced them even more, that his beliefs were real.

Three of Phil’s fingers on his right hand were severed in such a way, that it could only have been done with the beam of a lethal weapon that worked with surgical accuracy!

Rendezvous with his fate

Phil had been lowered, in the usual way, into the exploratory shaft to sample the underlying rock. It was suspected that radiation levels could be high, so Phil had donned his protective suit. Of the three shafts that they drilled on that day, two of them started spewing some type of black soot. Phil wanted to see what was causing this weird reaction, so he descended with his pistol in his holster when terrible things started happening a few hundred feet down.

Phil saw an alien-type creature and immediately tried to draw his pistol which wasn’t easy with the cumbersome protective suit he was wearing. His targets were two grey, small aliens. He fired quickly and killed them both. Another alien, taller than the other two, and without any weapon, waved his hands in front of itself. This action sent out an intensely hot blue beam of light that stuck Phil, instantly blowing off his three fingers, and cutting open his abdomen!

Phil’s right foot was also burnt to a crisp in the incident as if he had been a victim of a lightning strike. Although he didn’t die, the blow threw him backward with such force, that Phil was convinced he was about to die.

However, it was not Phil’s time to leave this world, thanks to a Green Beret soldier, who lifted him into a sitting position and activated the switch that sent the basket upwards. Phil said that if it weren’t for this Green Beret soldier, he would be dead. Unfortunately, the soldier’s heroic efforts resulted in him losing his own life when he was shot with another lethal, disintegrating beam by the alien.

A vicious exchange between the aliens and the US military personnel ensued, while Phil sat dazed and helpless to one side.

According to Phil, many soldiers were killed that day, and he was livid that he and his team were not informed about these malicious creatures that were living deep underground. The army knew that these creatures had been there for a long time and would use force when they were disturbed.


Phil let the cat out of the bag

Phil Schneider took the plunge and told his audiences what he knew. He told them about the war between the US and the enemy, and the aliens that he had met underground and almost lost his life too! Apparently, these aliens had been on earth for hundreds of years, and humans had come across them in secretive operations.

Phil had his audience spellbound from beginning to end. His story, and his hand minus its ring, middle, and index fingers sheared off precisely, by some deadly weapon never seen before.

Phil spent the last two years of his life making his shocking experiences known to as many people as possible, whenever the opportunity arose. Through his stories and scientific expertise, we are reminded that things are not as we imagine them to be and that governments are not trustworthy. Phil Schneider unfortunately, didn’t live long enough to relate his findings to as many people as he could have.


Inconsistencies and intentional inaccuracies

Besides Phil Schneider’s findings, others in the know, like fossil experts, were also mystified about the strange discoveries and so-called evidence that do not match the genre or age or the strata with which it is encased. Miners came across ancient chambers or rooms thousands of feet underground, that no one could explain. Also, books that were used by archaeologists, contained flawed data that was obviously incorrect to the experts but were never amended.

Today, it is important that we reconsider the assumptions we made according to the information we have been given by educators, that cannot explain the incidents described by people like Phil Schneider.

Is it as Phil said? Are there alien creatures, unknown to humans, that are lurking deep inside the earth and ready to retaliate viciously if approached by humans?


Phil Schneider – the patriot that didn’t deserve to die

Phil went through a divorce during the last few months of his life also suffered emotional issues too and was found dead in his apartment in 1996. He had been tortured, and executed military-style, strangled with piano wire.

Phil had terminal cancer, and was going to die anyway, so why did someone feel that he was too much of a threat, even in his dying condition, to assassinate him?
Phil had obviously stepped too close to the mark and was about to reveal the government’s secret to the people. His assassination is an ominous threat to anyone else who might have ideas of doing a follow-up on the Phil Schneider story.

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